Friday, December 31, 2010

Love Square

Well the holidays are winding down and life is returning to some sort of order again. :) I saw two cut files advertised on another website today and thought, I could make those! So off to my Make the Cut software I went. Using basic shapes and a fun font I put these together. I have test cut them both and they work great. I hope you enjoy them for Valentines Day crafts or other uses.

Get the MTC file here   

Get the  MTC file here

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two of the snowman files cut and decorated up

I made the Mr. & Mrs. Snowman and the Snow Kid for my son-in-law's mother. They turned out soooo cute! Now I have to make some for me!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


My daughter's mother-in-law asked me to make her some snowmen to hang up in her house so I have been busy this finding coloring pages of snowmen! Here are a few news one to share with you all :) By the way - I remembered to create these in MTC Version 2.3.2 so everyone could use them! So whether you are using 2.3.2 or the Beta Version 3.0 the MTC files will work for you.

Get Mr & Mrs Snowman for MTC here 

Get Mr & Mrs Snowman for the SVG file here

Get the little Snow kid for MTC here!

Get the little Snow kid the SVG file here!

Get Mr. Snowman2 for MTC here!

Get Mr. Snowman2 SVG file here!

Get Mr. Snowman3 for MTC Here!

Get Mr. Snowman3 SVG file here!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Cards and a free template

I have been making a few cards for Christmas but need to get busy as there are so many to do and other things needing attention! I entered two cards on SVG CUTS Christmas Challenge and made a couple of others. I wanted to learn to make a gate fold card but all the tutorials I found were for hand cutting and scoring. OK I must be lazy, I want to make it in MTC and let my E cut it out! Oh and I don't have a scor pal or other scoring/measuring tool. So I got busy in MTC and created it. I have a link below the pictures of my gate fold card if you would like to download my template.
Here is a picture of the gate fold card I made. I used these great reindeer from SVG Cuts
The front

And the inside

 Get the Gate Fold MTC file here

Here are some Christmas cards I made. The first two were made using files from SVG Cuts
The night before Christmas conjures up so many memories of putting toys together late into the night.
But we always survive it and the kids get those toys on Christmas morning!

I love spinner cards!
And pop up word cards!! So I got two of my favorites in this one!

This cute coloring page made a great digi stamp. Diamond stickles on the roof, windowsill and tree. Holly stickles on the tree!

This and that

I have been busy making cards, trying my hand at etching deco blocks and making a few cards. My granddaughter and grandson were here last week with their mom (my oldest daughter Crystal) from North Idaho and my youngest daughter was here as well. They all came over to be here for the adoption ceremony last week! Wow -- I just realized -- I have been Aiden's mommy for one full week now and we spent it being sick! LOL Oh well. Anyway, here are some pictures of my kiddos!
My Princess Bonnie - the only granddaughter out of six grandchildren

I love these boys! Mason is on the left and Aiden is on the right. Mason is 2 months younger and much bigger but Aiden is the Uncle!

Mason checking out Aunt Erin's phone!

Aiden loves to take the cushions off the couches

He got tired after running up and down his "stairs"

what a sweetheart she is!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wow it's been a long time....and so much has taken place

I cannot believe it was middle of October the last time I posted on my blog! So many things have been going on that it seems the blog was neglected. Well here's just a little about what has been going on in my life since the last time I posted. As many of you know I have been raising my grandson since he was 6 months old, he is now 3 1/2 years old. On November 12, 2010 he became my son! It has been a long road but we are on to our new lives as mother and son now. (No more State Child Welfare folks in our lives, no more court appearances, no more lawyers, etc). Here's a picture of us at the courthouse that wonderful day!

Now on to some files to share! I hope to have a few more Christmas type files up soon!

 Get the Baby Reindeer MTC file here

Get the Baby Reindeer SVG file here
Oops! This file has been fixed - Thanks for letting me know!

Get the Route 66 for MTC Version 3+ here
Get the Route 66 for MTC version 2.3.2 here

Get the Route 66 SVG file here

 Get the Snowman for MTC Version 3+ here

Get the Snowman for MTC version 2.3.2 here

Get the Snowman SVG file here

Get the Teddy Bear Fireman MTC 3+ file here

Get the Teddy Bear Fireman SVG file here

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween cards and Trick & Treats are done and in the mail!

I finished up my Halloween Cards, 21Treat bags and 7 Tricks and got them in the mail today (some will be hand delivered)! I realized this evening I forgot to take a picture of one of the cards that I mailed off, oh well. Here are the last of the cards, the Tricks and the Treats. Now I can start focusing on Christmas and maybe have those done before Thanksgiving :)

This little guy came from Scrappy Dew's Halloween Palz Bundle Set

Now for the funny part of this card. Notice the little area for writing is on the top? Well I had not attached the cute little guy on the front yet when I was working on the inside. I used a pop up card from SVG Cuts Premium Pop Cards Collection, got the pop up attached, and then put on the area to write on. It's all glued down and ready to go. I close the card to attach the bat and discovered I did this upside down!!! Hmmm now what to do. I carefully removed the circle pop up and put it back on the other direction and then slapped on a bunch of stickers. LOL - salvage the card!

This digi stamp (Casandra) came from Simply Betty Stamps Spooky Hallow Collection. I used Crystal Stickles at the tip of her wand to create a little "spark"

I really do love this witches hat from SVG Cuts. I forgot to put the hat band on but it still looks cute! I used Perfect Pearls (silver) on the flower to give it a little more depth.

Hoping my granddaughter likes this one in pink!

Goodie bags -- 21 goodie bags! Now you must know that a 3 year old does NOT understand why he cannot have the candy that I was putting in all these bags!

The goodie bags cut file came from SVG Cuts Sweet Treats Bag Collection. The witch I made by joining a silhouette of a witch on to a plain bag file.  The tags are from SVG Cuts as well ( a freebie file!). The candy corn is from a necklace that I found at JoAnn's for a buck! I just clipped the string and took off the wooden pieces of candy! They attached real well with Glossy Accents

This bat bag is from the SVG Cuts files. The cat peeking out of the pumpkin is another wooden piece taken from a necklace that I picked up at JoAnn's for a buck!

Here is a shot of the other bag I used, this is a scallop cut out in the SVG Cuts collection

Now the TRICKS!

Each of the kids are getting one of these!

I took a piece of printed cardstock, wrapped them around a pair (or two) of socks and taped it together. Then I stuck two Halloween pencils down into the socks and attached the little topper. The topper was cut in MTC from my gallery of basic shapes!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lets try this again

I guess my blog had a spasm and would not let me finish the last post. So here are the last few cards for tonight.

This cute card is from SVG Cuts Haunted Hemlock Cards set. In the top picture you can see the little cat I added to the fence. I used glossy accents on the moon and the windows with moonshine in them. 

This fantastic digi stamp (Morticia) is from Simply Betty Stamps Spooky Hallow Digi collection. Thanks to some great tips from Cheri at Graphicat Creations I was able to cut all the little areas of Morticia.

A cute chipboard embellishment finished off the Morticia card on the inside.

And this cute, cute, cute witches hat card is another one in the Haunted Hemlock Cards collection at SVG Cuts. I used 3D Crystal Color Lacquer on a plain white card stock cut out of the buckle. Love the way it looks wet. Some stickles on the stars to give a little more bling. 

Well that's it for cards tonight. I hope to get these and the treat bags finished tomorrow! I have a lot more things to be working on but have to finish up Halloween goodies for the family first!

And more Halloween Cards

I have been working hard to get the last of the Halloween cards made plus a slew of treat bags. Below are five new cards -- only five more to go!!! I have 9 of the treat bags done, 12 more to go! I'll post a few pictures of those when they are done. Hope you enjoy these!

I used the same spooky tree that I got from the MTC Gallery for this one. Pretty basic with a few stickers. Haven't decided what I am going to do on the inside yet LOL. I'm interested to see what folks think about this one. 

This is Marvin the Bat, he is so darn cute. I picked up this digi stamp and two others of Marvin from The Stamping Bazaar. I fussy cut around him (leaving a little white cardstock and used my bic fine point markers to color him in.   

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Halloween Cards

Pictures of more Halloween Cards I made over the past few days -
For the life of me I cannot recall where I got the card front for this. It came in a set of three card fronts (the ghost, the skull and house both shown below). If anyone knows where these are from I would appreciate you letting me know so I can give credit to them for these card files! I cut the front out of orange card stock and then chalked and glossy accented the ghost. As I started to ink the edges of the orange card stock my three year old bumped into  me and I smeared black ink across the front, so I just added more smears LOL. A few blings to the front and I was happy with it.

Inside of the Ghost card is the "Boo" pop up from SVG Cuts. This is part of their Premium Pop Up Cards collection! The cat stamp at the top is one I picked up in a set of clear stamps at Joann's.

Again this came from the trio of card fronts that I cannot recall where I got it from. I love this card front. Simply cut out the main part in black and the moon piece in yellow and adhered to an orange card base! A simple pop up sticker "October 31st" and ta da!

Inside of the haunted house card is a simple dimensional sticker and scalloped frame to write on.

My 18 year old daughter will be getting this one - It is so her! LOL I stamped a spider web and spider on with "Perfect Medium" and then brushed over it with a silver "Perfect Pearls" to showcase it on the front. Again this is from the trio of card fronts that I don't know where I got them from :)

Inside of the skull card I used yet another file from SVG Cuts . This is a simple oval pop up from their Premium Pop Up Cards Collection. If you haven't checked these guys out you sure should. All their files are in SVG but they seperate everything so you don't have to do any breaking apart or such if you are a Make The Cut software user like me!

And here again is another card base from SVG Cuts. This time I used one of their Breezy Backyard Lever Cards set. The cute witch is from Rob over at Scrappy Dew . I made the "Witching You A" in MTC. If you want a file of the text let me know.  I threw on foam stickers of a bat and a cat to finish off the front.

Added some halloween paper from K&Comany and a couple of foam pumpkin stickers to finish it off.