Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ducks - Free MTC files

I created a couple of duck files a while back but never got a chance to cut them out. I still have not cut them but they look pretty good so I think they will cut just fine. If you use either of these files or any of my other files please send me a picture or link so I can see what you did. Thanks!

Get the SVG Rubber Duckie file HERE

Get your MTC Rubber Duckie2 File HERE

Get your SVG Rubber Duckie2 File HERE


  1. Hey Kathy....Oh girl...these files are ADORABLE!!!!!! I just have to tell you I'm blown away by your comment on my blog and very very very touched!!!! What a HUGE honor for you to do that and I thank you so much!!! You have TOTALLY made my evening!!! I hope you are having a very blessed evening as well!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing these ducky files! They are sooo cute!


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