Sunday, September 18, 2011

WOW - Lots of Freebies to Share!

Well I have been completely ignoring my blog and my free files folder is proof of that. So tonight I am sharing several new free MTC and SVG files. I have more to share over the coming days as well.

Before we get to the free files I wanted to share a few things I have been making lately -

First is this play board I made for the little man in my life (Aiden). The files are from Papyrus Jungle - RJ Ogren is the artist and Suzan Summers then does the daunting work of turning his works of art into cutting files. They have the most amazing files!

Castle Mates:
I took a piece of sheet metal and painted a back ground on it

Then we attached the castle/hills/pond file permanently to the board

Then came time to attach it to his bedroom wall and put all the characters on. Each character/item was laminated to protect them and then I attached magnets to the back of the characters/items.

There are two dragons, two knights on horseback, two jesters, a princess and a swan along with three tents that are all able to be moved around the board.

And here is Aiden having fun with the play board
Next we will be creating Jungle Mates - a jungle themed play board

Now, before this I created this shadow box for two very dear friends of mine.
I actually changed the text box inside before I gave it to them and forgot to take a new picture
The cross I used is from Papyrus Jungle
The grungy roses are from Penny Duncan's free files
And this is the reason for the shadow box gift. See John and Michele, my dear friends, helped me to find the greatest gift known to man, and that is the gift of Salvation through the grace of our Lord. The day I gave this to them was the day of my baptism in the Boise River on a hot August day!

So those are two big projects I have been working on. And now on to the free files :) :)

Get the MTC file HERE

Get the SVG file HERE

Get the MTC file HERE

Get the SVG file HERE

Get the Bee MTC file HERE

Get the Bee SVG file HERE

Get the Hive MTC file HERE
Get the Hive SVG file HERE

Get the MTC file HERE

Get the SVG file HERE

Thanks for stopping by, check back again soon, as I have about 15 more files to post on here.

Have a great weekend and God bless.


  1. You know, you can never have enough of Jesus can you? Even in svgs!! Thanks for the lot.Love them


  2. Thank you so much, Kathy! Especially for the Jesus file! He is the real solution for so much! Love the photo of your baptism. God bless you, Honey!

  3. Wow, neat magnetic mural idea! Bless you as you live for Jesus! Thanks for sharing the wonderful cut files.

  4. Thanks for the files! And congrats on your baptism and your decision to follow Jesus! It was the best thing I ever did! Blessings to you!

  5. Love the mural wall, what a great idea. Congratulation on your baptism and decision to follow our Lord and Savior. The best thing ever.


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