Friday, March 12, 2010

Shopping -- new toys :)

Well it's been a very long week, I ended the work week with a quick shopping trip to Craft Warehouse and Hobby Lobby in search of snap in eyes for my fleece critters (that purple puppy will not get the best of me this weekend!!). Well needless to say I left those two stores with much more than I went in for. It never fails! I have been looking at this whole world of creating cards, stamping and embossing. I love my Cuttlebug but really haven't put it to work yet. :( I have been playing with some acrylic and digi stamps but again really haven't put them to work. The heat embossing intrigued me.

So today, I bought some embossing powder, a tray and a heat embossing tool!!!! But it didn't stop there! I found some embossing sleeves on sale and picked up some more of those for my Cuttlebug! Oh but didn't stop there either!!!! I also found Stickles at Craft Warehouse and bought four of those! Oh and they had the Easter Solutions cart on sale for $19.93 so I grabbed that too. 

Oh wait...what did I come in these stores for??? Oh yeah animal eyes and thread.....I got those as well. I know better than go over to the paper crafting section....I really know better....but couldn't stop myself! Now let's see if I can put this all to work this weekend! Oh and make another purple dog! LOL



  1. LOL You shop just like me!
    good thing we don't shop together or we would surely enable each other way too much

  2. Oh and I am a good enabler LOL. And put two Kathy/Cathie's looking for trouble! :)


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